Book Review: “Cybersecurity Leadership” By Mansur Hasib

Title: “Cybersecurity Leadership”

Author: Doctor Mansur Hasib

Published: September 2015


Although the title may appear misleading to most readers, Dr. Mansur Hasib’s “Cybersecurity Leadership” is not just for Cybersecurity or IT executives. It is designed for all infosec people at all levels, as well as those outside of technology (in business) to better understand how effective Cybersecurity cultures and programs can be built from the ground up. It does not offer technical advice, but rather creative insight into how organizations can hire the best infosec people, how they can mend the miscommunication gaps between IT and business sectors, and how to maintain values of integrity, ethics, and happiness in a chaotic industry. Here, one will find the real roles and responsibilities of Cybersecurity clarified, and a breakdown of the Cybersecurity/business hierarchy.


I found this book very supportive and inspiring, especially for younger generations who are just starting out in their Cybersecurity and IT careers. Overall, it is a definite manual for all Cybersecurity and IT personnel to keep in their desk drawers, to pull out during meetings, to discuss, and to use as a foundation for how to do their jobs exceptionally everyday.

I personally appreciate the importance that Dr. Hasib gives to the user support and customer service departments, for these groups of personnel are usually cast aside when they are rather some of the most essential parts of an organization’s IT and infosec program. Think about what the state of security would be without user help desks and call centers, or based on the attitude of IT customer service, security would be more difficult to manage if IT was always thought of as the “Department of No”.

For this inclusion, I admire the fact that a major part of “Cybersecurity Leadership” is focused on people. In order to be a great leader in this industry, the lessons learned on teamwork, understanding, and communication in this book should be taken to heart. After all, Cybersecurity is more of a “people” industry than a “technical” industry, and in “Cybersecurity Leadership”, Dr. Hasib highlights this point perfectly. It is a highly valuable read!




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